Gary R. Blum | Sr. Partner

Direct: 718 784 5908

Gary R. Blum immediately upon completing his Masters Degree in Business Communication at the University of Maryland returned to New York City (where Gary was born and raised) to enter into the field of Commercial Real Estate.

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David Junik | Partner

Direct: 718 371 6406

David Junik has been a real estate broker for the past decade specializing in Industrial, Commercial, Investment, and Development Real Estate in the Metropolitan area of New York, specializing in the Brooklyn and Queens market.

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Decio Baio | Partner

Direct: 718 784 8436

Decio Baio has established himself as a trusted real estate broker specializing in commercial, industrial, development and investment brokerage in the outer boroughs of NYC.

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George Margaronis | Partner

Direct: 718 784 8404

George Margaronis began his real estate career in 2000 and has risen through the ranks of the commercial real estate industry at a remarkable pace.

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James Tack | Partner

Direct: 718 784 8541

James Tack is a veteran of the commercial real estate industry with over 30 years experience specializing in commercial, industrial and development brokerage as well as asset management in the outer boroughs of New York City.

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Steve Nadel | Partner

Direct: 718 784 5907

Steve Nadel is a 35+ year veteran in the commercial and industrial NY real estate market with experience spanning all sectors of the industry.

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